Poll Update (10/1)

So far a blue day for John. The new batch of Quinnipiac polls showed that "more than 84 percent of voters in each state say the debate did not change their mind. But by margins of 13 to 17 percent, voters in each state say Obama did a better job in the debate. And by margins of 15 to 27 percent, independent voters in each state say Obama won." If these results are supported by further polling McCain is finished.

Wednesday is historically a large release day so expect an update later on. Well its later on and I've added a plethora of polls released today:

Florida (27)Time, CNN9/30/200851436
Florida (27)Suffolk University9/30/2008464212
Florida (27)InsiderAdvantage9/30/200849465
Florida (27)Quinnipiac University9/29/200851436
Florida (27)Quinnipiac University9/26/200849438
Minnesota (10)Time, CNN9/30/200853416
Mississippi (6)Rasmussen Reports9/30/200844524
Missouri (11)Time, CNN9/30/200847467
National (538)CBS News9/30/200850419
National (538)Associated Press-GfK9/30/2008484111
National (538)Democracy Corps (D)9/30/200849456
National (538)Ipsos9/29/200848457
National (538)Time9/29/200850437
National (538)Pew Research Center9/29/200849438
National (538)YouGov, Economist (D)9/24/2008464311
Nevada (5)InsiderAdvantage9/30/200848475
Nevada (5)Time, CNN9/30/200849447
Ohio (20)Quinnipiac University9/29/200850428
Ohio (20)Quinnipiac University9/26/200849429
Oklahoma (7)SurveyUSA9/29/200834642
Pennsylvania (21)Quinnipiac University9/29/200854397
Pennsylvania (21)Franklin & Marshall College9/28/200848439
Pennsylvania (21)Quinnipiac University9/26/200849438
Tennessee (11)Rasmussen Reports9/29/200839583
Texas (34)Rasmussen Reports9/29/200843525
Virginia (13)Time, CNN9/30/200852426
Wisconsin (10)Strategic Vision (R)9/26/2008494011

You may have noticed the large number of new Pennsylvania polls today. While there were four new polls from the Quaker state, the other five represent a consolidation of old data. Muhlenberg College, Morning Call began releasing a tracking poll on September 26 for Pennsylvania. I had begun collecting data from this pollster but managed to incorrectly record their results. I have purged the database of these previous entries and reentered all six days of Muhlenberg's tracking poll every fifth day of the tracking poll.

Obama now has his biggest lead ever in our projection, by a whopping 172 electoral votes.

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6 Response(s) to Poll Update (10/1)

10/1/2008 9:51:42 AM CT

It looks like Obama is going to finish McSame off for good...
In Arizona
10/1/2008 10:45:22 AM CT

Thank God!
sharon in ohio
10/1/2008 12:09:00 PM CT

I live in Columbus Ohio and I love the new polls from Quinnipiac showing Obama with the lead in my state. YES WE CAN!!!
10/1/2008 12:41:11 PM CT

As we come down to the final weeks of this election, I grow more wary with each day. I've been doing a lot of research and reading a lot of opinions etc. Last night I ran across this in a blog and thought it would be worth watching. It is. However, after I finished watching (approx. 2 hours), I didn't sleep much. This tells how W not only stole the presidency from Al Gore in Florida but he also did it to John Kerry in Ohio. I had heard about this but this is the first time I've come across an indepth study of what really happened. This is well worth the time it takes to view. We can not let our guard down! http://www.freeforall.tv/
former Montanan
10/1/2008 8:42:21 PM CT

Yes, I watched the freeforall movie last night too. Chilling--just absolutely chilling. I wept to see what they did to John Kerry by manipulating polling machines, intimidating voters, caging voters, etc. Somehow Rove and his thugs should be brought to justice. Just think what this country would be like today without Karl Rove's manipulation of the Bush/Gore election!!
10/3/2008 1:00:40 AM CT

This is an update from Montana ... surprise, surprise, surprise ... in today's newspaper on page 1 (The Missoulian) headlines "State GOP challenges eligibility of voters ... 6,000 voters in seven counties historically considered Democratic strongholds are being challenged. More than half of the people challenged statewide live, or previously lived, in Missoula County." Just proves the GOP is doing what it does best, disenfranchising voters! Now all the local voter registration offices are going to be inundated with calls from people making sure they have not been removed from the voter lists.

Last night I received a call from the Obama campaign, or rather my husband did but he wasn't home, and found that I was not on the voter list with him. As soon as I was found on a voter list, they were supposed to call me back. Guess what, they didn't call me back. So now I have to contact the voter registration office myself. Great! Just great! Like I have time for this garbage!! If I have been removed I will create such an stink about this Washington DC will be able to smell it all the way in Washington DC. The really ironic thing is, I have jury duty 10/8. How funny is that!

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