Biden's Son More Qualified Than Palin

McCain played the inexperience card throughout the pre-convention period, now its Obama's turn. With Sarah Palin (Republican, Alaska) filling the Republican VP slot the inexperience balance shifts. Sarah Palin's only valid experience in political office started in 2006 when she was elected as the Governor of Alaska. Her previous political career started in Wasilla (approximately 9,000 residents), Alaska in 1992 as a City Council member. She would later become the mayor of Wasilla for the term of 1996-2002. In 2002 she ran for lieutenant Governor and was defeated. Between 2002 and 2006 she did some work for an Oil company and also played an important role in exposing high ranking Republicans in Alaska. The bottom line; her only experience in actual office is her two years as Governor. Right now I could move to any given city in America with a population of 9,000 people, and if I was committed enough I could become Mayor. In fact, somebody much younger than Palin did that very thing, except in a town 4 times the size: Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Another person that comes to mind who may be more qualified than Palin, Joe Biden's son, Beau Biden. Beau is 39 (thanks John, I incorrectly had 29) and was elected in 2006 as Delaware's Attorney General. Delaware has roughly 200,000 more residents than Alaska. The Republican heads are saying she has more experience than the Democratic Nominee for President, but in reality the Democratic Nominee for Vice President's son may have more experience than Palin. Beau Biden received more votes (133,152) in 2006 during his quest to become the Attorney General of Delaware with than did Sarah Palin in her quest to become Alaska's Governor (114,697).

The McCain campaign has continually argued that Obama is not ready to lead; they cite his service as an Illinois State Senator for 8 years, and then follow it up by saying that he has only been a US Senator (Illinois) for 3 years; still more than Palin can put on her resume. The GOP fails to understand the fact that Barack Obama has received more votes, in his political career than has John McCain in that same time. The table below illustrates my point; the vote counts for the senate include the primary and general election.

Candidate 2008 Pres 2000 Pres 2004 Senate 1998 Senate Total
McCain 9,840,746 6,230,475 1,837,092 903,067 18,811,380
Obama 18,534,951 4,253,379 22,788,330

I also feel it necessary to point out that John McCain only met Palin once before naming her VP; now either he's an excellent judge of character, or he did what was most politically expedient. I, myself personally would have liked to get to know the person who will lead the nation in the event of my incapacitation, but apparently that wasn't important to John.

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11 Response(s) to Biden's Son More Qualified Than Palin

8/29/2008 10:28:49 PM CT

Surely Beau Biden is 39, not 29.
8/29/2008 10:36:39 PM CT

So, raw number of votes received (for some position, somewhere) = qualifications for Vice Presidency (or, apparently, the presidency)? So McCain really should've picked American Idol David Cook, right?
Wow, big swing and a miss on this little metric. Making a pretty table doesn't make the numbers therein mean anything...
8/30/2008 6:00:20 AM CT

I think Palin is a terrible pick, but I think this article is even more terrible.
9/4/2008 2:38:53 AM CT

Actually, it seems the message is that the American VOTERS have decided that Barack Obama is qualified to be our President--and he has been tested in state after state as well as at the Democratic National Convention where not only did he address a packed and DIVERSE house of elected delegates, but did an unheard of thing and opened the convention to the general public--with a standing room only crowd at Mile High Stadium. ALL of us, together, have stated that We the American People, in the majority so far, believe Barack Obama is very qualified to lead our nation.

The VP pick, for both sides, is not a vote--it is a selection by a party election committee posing as the candidate. Biden brings all the "experience" that Obama was said to be lacking, and does it with eloquence and real background that will help immensely when he is facing leaders of other nations as VP. Palin? Well, I can't bring an image of her sitting across the table from ANY national leader in the world without laughing until I cry.
david rades
9/4/2008 1:09:46 PM CT

the pick of a vice president with virtually no foreign affairs experience puts yet another peice of straw on the back of a rotting corpse of a camel, that the terrorist threat to this nation is nearly non existent and that 911 was indeed an inside job; if you could drop a baseball off WTC 1 or WTC 2 it would hit the sidewalk below in 9.2 seconds. {freefall speed}...the buildings fell in 11 seconds...
buildings do not fall at freefall speed,unless they get a lot of help,as the NYFD described as {floor after floor exploding outward}
McCain the Liar
9/5/2008 4:02:02 AM CT

Like Bush was qualified to be president... an AWOL coke-snorting fratboy drunk who screwed up everything he touched.

This is a non-argument. Republicans can't talk about issues so they make up stupid crap like qualifications all of a sudden.

Whats surprising is the number of stupid people falling for this crap.
9/5/2008 4:15:36 AM CT

I hope this time 100million people won't be as brain dead as they were during the 2004 election. Enuff said.
9/6/2008 12:39:11 PM CT

Now that the Republicans have a Celebrity - Rock Start that thye say will draw the crowds, I wonder if we will see Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in a commercial with Governor Palin. BTW, did anyone notice some of the buttons Republican men were wearing at the Republian convention? Slogans like "Sarah Palin is a Hottie". Isn't this a seist comment?
9/6/2008 2:23:35 PM CT

Bush and the Republicans have run this country into the ground (typical of the way Bush ran everything else he has been in charge of in his career, BIG surprise there) they no longer have any issues to run on. Because of this sad situation, its beginning to appear to me that the republicans are trying to do a couple of things.
1. Throw the election because they don't want to be responsible for trying to clean up the mess they've made but forgot to tell MSM that's what they are doing, and/or
2. John McCain ("maverick" who loves to play craps) was told by his party that he couldn't choose his buddy Joe Lieberman for VP so he looked at all the republicans and found the least qualified one he could find so that when her credentials are debunked he (McCain) will be able to dump her and choose Joe anyway when its too late for the republicans to object.
9/9/2008 5:07:29 AM CT

As John Stewart said on "The Daily Show" to Mike Huckabee, "So what you're saying is that the only party who can fix all the damage done to the country by your party is...your party." At which point Huckabee put out a fake smile and looked extremely uncomfortable. So what you're saying is let's pretend that the last 8 years never happened, that we're the new and improved Republican party, except McCain is against us 'cause he's a friggin "maverick," like he's a half-assed Republican, and that you should vote for us because we're just like you, except we're all white and rich and we should believe that you would care about the rest of us who are not rich and white. Riiiiiiiiigghhtt!!! I only hope that Americans are not that stupid! WAKE UP AND THINK AMERICA! SEE BEYOND THE SURFACE OF THEIR LIES AND DECPETION! AMERICA WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS!
9/18/2008 2:42:12 PM CT

No, it doesn't *really* matter that Beau Biden recieved more votes than Palin.
By virtue of the fact that the Repugs are coming up with ANY and everything to explain Palin's experience, making these arguments are totally valid.

I see it only as a way to show the truth. Maybe when the Rethugs stop lying and putting out the biggest nonsensical arguments as to why this woman should become Pres WHEN, not IF, McCain croaks or his cancer comes back strong, then Dems will not have to put out these comparisons.

I am a woman. I voted for Obama in the primary. I liked Hillary but despised here methods of tearing down Obama. She is about eight thousand times more qualified than Palin and I would have gladly voted her in as President had she been the nominee. I am a democrat BEFORE I am a woman.

I was raped as a teenager. So were both of my sisters. So were a couple of my friends. By this bitch's estimation, we should have to have carried our rapists seeds by way of fertilization.
I am against abortion and I always have been. But to make it illegal is idiotic, does NOT prevent unwanted pregnancies and only serves to make things harder on girls who did not intend to become pregnant.

I now have beautiful kids and a wonderful husband and a good life. Things I would not have had if I had gotten pregnant by way of rape at the age of 14. I was one of the lucky ones.

Thanks but no thanks Sarah Palin. You are an affront to the rights of women everywhere. You are NO Hillary Clinton.

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