Thoughts About Obama's Speech

Besides the brilliance of the speech itself, three things crossed my mind. I'll start by hinting at third, the circumstances of Obama's potential inauguration. Setting that aside I began looking ahead to the debates with the first occurring in Mississippi on September 26th. The one question guaranteed to come up through the course of the debates: "Who would you consider for your cabinet?" In 2004, Kerry established Joe Biden as his choice for Secretary of State, but in 2008 Joe has a different employment status; who will fit the bill in an Obama Administration? Senator Hillary Clinton (Democrat, New York) is the first name to come to mind, but I don't really know if it fits. So the question then becomes what role will Hillary Clinton play?

Hillary is certainly qualified for the position of Secretary of State, but does she want it. I have no idea, and its likely already been decided between the two campaigns; but I'll speculate anyway. I believe Hillary will maintain her position as a Senator from New York and focus on bringing universal health care to all with the help of Senator Ted Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts). I certainly think she is qualified to be Secretary of State, but I don't particularly think she wants it. She doesn't need to pad her resume for the next election cycle and I think she would be content to sit back and vote with the party while focusing on her health care quest. Hillary Clinton will be the next Democratic Nominee for president after Barack Obama's reign ends, if she wants it. She no longer needs to prove anything to anybody.

Proceeding through my reasoning Obama's cabinet is still wide open. I think Senator John Kerry (Democrat, Massachusetts) is guaranteed a position based on his lifelong allegiance to the party and his thorough support of Obama's entire campaign. The Secretary of Defense has Kerry's name all over it; Kerry was a military guy and the 2004 Democratic Nominee; it would also kill the Republicans. I think Governor Bill Richardson (Democrat, New Mexico) is also likely to get a position, what it will be I really can't say. Al Gore will be the Energy Czar. I also think Senator Dick Durbin (Democrat, Illinois) is likely to get a position. Other than that I really have no idea; any suggestions?

The third and final point put a smile on my face. What if on Obama's inauguration day he wore a white suit and sported a huge Afro. Wouldn't that just be awesome? If this were his first act as President he would effectively send a message that the establishments strangle hold on the American dream has ended.

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5 Response(s) to Thoughts About Obama's Speech

Karen C.
8/29/2008 12:13:25 AM CT

Enjoyed your comments. I agree it's hard to know what Hillary will do, I think she needs to promote her health care program in O's administration or who knows if she'll get another chance. I wonder if O might try to use governors where possible for his cabinet and other positions in order to hang on to as many Congressional seats as possible. Sebelius, Richardson, Tim Kaine, to name a few. Also Susan Rice may be a natural for Condi's position? Love your idea for O's inauguration get-up.
polar bear
8/29/2008 12:26:18 AM CT

sec. of health & human svcs.
8/29/2008 9:38:57 AM CT

I think Chuck Hagel for Sec of Defense
Nominate Hillary for the Supreme court if possible
Susan Rice or Bill Richardson as secretary of state
John Kerry for Homeland security??
Peter Arvo
9/7/2008 12:03:12 AM CT

I would consider all three authors of the above commets, along with TJHalve for immediate admittance into the nearest psych ward. Obama's inauguration?!?
9/15/2008 12:19:13 AM CT

I'd also nominate Hillary for SCOTUS. Of course, then she'd really have to think about giving up the position in 2012 or 2016 if she wants to run for POTUS.

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