McCain's Energy Plan of Fear

Our nation's future security and prosperity depends on the next President making the hard choices that will break our nation's strategic dependence on foreign sources of energy and will ensure our economic prosperity by meeting tomorrow's demands for a clean portfolio. John McCain has made the necessary choices - producing more power, pushing technology to help free our transportation sector from its use of foreign oil, cleaning up our air and addressing climate change, and ensuring that Americans have dependable energy sources. John McCain will lead the effort to develop advanced transportation technologies and alternative fuels to promote energy independence and cut off the flow of oil wealth to repressive dictatorships like Iran.

Source: John McCain For President

This quote from John McCain's Campaign Website sounds great, except for one glaring detail: the USA doesn't import oil from Iran, not a single drop according to the US Energy Information Administration and should therefore not be included in a paragraph about eliminating foreign oil dependence. [Source: 1, 2] On the first link you may have to do a little math to arrive at the 'USA does not import oil from Iran' position; and pay close attention to the starred notes at the bottom of the table, but the second link should be crystal clear. Combined the facts speak for themselves regardless of whether or not John McCain blatantly misleads in the introduction paragraph of the 'American Energy' page on his website.

I originally started reading McCain's energy plan after reading another article on tire gauges the McCain campaign was distributing with "Obama's Energy Plan" printed on the side. The intent, I guess, was to highlight the fact that Obama told people they could get better gas mileage with more fully inflated tires and to insinuate that inflating tires is the extent of Obama's plan. So I said, lets just say that is the extent of Obama's plan (it's not) , does John McCain actually offer anything better. Well the truth is I didn't get past the first paragraph of John McCain's plan so I can't answer that, but what I can tell you is that John McCain has conjured false fears in portraying his energy plan.

Iran ranks fourth in international oil exports, with the top five recipients in the order listed: Japan, China, India, South Korea and Italy. The point, well to eliminate the "flow of oil wealth to repressive dictatorships like Iran" the USA, or another country would either have to replace the petroleum exports to those counties, which the USA is incapable of doing, (Canada possibly could in the future, as it ranks second in proven reserves) or export some yet unknown technology that will entirely replace the need for oil. I'll then ask this rhetorical question, why do people have a need for oil: cars. The answer to the oil crisis is electrical cars; the problems: electricity is produced by oil, and cars can't currently run on electricity. The solution would be to allocate trillions and trillions of dollars into research (and no, a $300 million prize isn't going to cut it) to produce electric cars that could then be exported to nations currently reliant on petroleum, combined with an investment in alternative electrical generation technology that could be implemented abroad; thus "repressive dictatorships like Iran" would be eliminated.

The inherit idea in the preamble of McCain's energy plan revolves around the need to eliminate "repressive dictatorships like Iran" through a better energy plan, but when this conclusion is carried to its logical end, (as detailed in the preceding paragraph) McCain's energy policy lies miles away from its presented objective. Therefore either McCain's plan is terrible or his objective is terrible; or his objective is intentionally designed to misled and incite fear. So the question then Senator McCain, how does misinformation lead to solutions, or is nuclear energy the answer to everything?

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