Senate GOP Sets Filibuster Record

I was watching coverage of the Senate on CSPAN 2 today and stumbled upon what appeared to be yet another Republican filibuster. Senator Jon Kyl (Republican Minority WHIP, Arizona) initially appeared thoughtful and intellectual until Dick Durbin (Democrat, Illinois) objected. At this point Senator Kyl took offense and went into 'Republicans are trying to be bipartisan' mode accusing the Democrats of not working across the table. Dick Durbin succumbed to Senate rules and was granted two minutes to speak until the floor was relinquished back over to the Republicans.

During Senator Durbin's speech, which actually lasted a lot less than the two minutes he was allotted, he countered Senator Kyl's points by referring to a staggering statistic; the Republicans of the US Senate have performed 77 filibusters during the current session. This count breaks the previous record of 58 filibusters previously held by the 1999-2002 Senate terms. Durbin stated, "We are asking to bring it forward for debate. If you have a better idea, put it on the floor and let's vote on it. But for the Republicans to consistently file these filibusters and object to bringing these measures forward to even debate them, and now it is a take it or leave it. The Senator from Arizona has filed, just like the minority leader did yesterday, this political get-well card which says: We will make a unanimous consent request so we are on the record wanting this. Get on the record and vote for bringing it to the floor for debate. Don't be afraid of a debate. Don't be afraid of an amendment. If you have a good idea, put it forward. Let's see if it wins or loses." [Source]

The debate on the current bill, something related to health care and reimbursing doctors for Medicare services, was then pushed under the rug by the next speaker, a Republican from Tennessee. The bottom line is the next time anybody accuses the Democrats of not getting anything done, you can look across the aisle and clearly see why the Senate approval rating is so low.

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8 Response(s) to Senate GOP Sets Filibuster Record

david rades
9/4/2008 12:46:42 PM CT

republicans filibuster any democratic attempt to get some work done.the right wing news people {radio tv newspapers} make sure to get fact out that no work is getting done,without the explanation of the filibuster. the entire senate
group gets the blame which is fine with the republicans so long as the, filibuster story doesn't get out, bringing down the senate approval rating. throwing the whole country under the bus,and seemingly democrats to blame,after all majority rules...{i know there is really no majority}
9/6/2008 6:37:26 AM CT

9/6/2008 12:52:26 PM CT

The MSM needs to get this out one way or another and educate americans regarding fillabuster abuse by the republicans. Remember when the democrats tried to fillabuster a couple of times when they were in the minority? The republicans began talk about instituting the "nuclear option!" Can you believe what would happen if Dems suggested something outrageous like that? I wish they would do that, they really deserve it!
9/6/2008 1:37:37 PM CT

The abuse of the filibuster started with Bob Dole in Clinton's first term. Make sure you tell him "Thanks for nothing" the next time you see him. This whole issue shows just how important self-interest is on the Republican side of the aisle.

I believe in taking the honorable road as do most Democrats. Our biggest problem seems to be when you are up against the unethical low roaders is puts you at a disadvantage. Dems don't do ambushes well. At least I can look in a mirror and not be ashamed at what I see. If Republicans are honest with themselves they know they can't say the same thing.
9/9/2008 4:23:52 PM CT

I remember the "nuclear option" story. I never managed to decide what was worse : fillibusting to the point of not getting anything done, or breaking the rules to get things done (of course, if G.W. had nominated judges that were a bit less extreme, things would have been easier on everybody....).
I didn't know Republicans had been using the fillibuster so much, and it should get out. If I recall correctly, the nuclear option thing was concentrated on the judges (though I'm sure it was used by the democrats for other things), while here, it seems they are using it for everything...
Bad news is, democrats won't get a fillibuster-proof majority, unless they can get some moderate republicans to be reasonable...
9/1/2009 10:53:49 AM CT

Can we fillibuster the Healthcare Reform Bill?
9/1/2009 10:54:57 AM CT

How are 50 million more Americans going to enter the Healthcare System and have no effect whatsoever on my current Healthcare? That doesnt make sense to me.
reality 1
10/8/2010 9:11:08 PM CT

The abuse of the fillibuster has become a threat to our country and the republicans have become a big part of the problem in our recovery. They need to be removed from congres so governing can begin again.

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