Sarah Palin's Excellent Adventure

On Friday October 10th, Sarah Palin could have a rough day.

The most pressing issue she will face on Friday presides over the release of the Troopergate verdict. "The Legislative Council's independent investigator is scheduled to deliver his findings tomorrow morning in Anchorage. The council includes 10 Republicans and four Democrats," according to a direct quote from an article by Bloomberg. I have no idea what the Council's findings will be, but the decision itself will dominate the news cycle.

The McCain campaign has painted themselves into such a corner that they cannot afford to waste news cycles on content of this variety. If Palin is acquitted, which in all likelihood will happen, the news cycle will still be centered around her very involvement in the case. If she is convicted, McCain's candidacy essentially ends. A guilty verdict will likely result in Palin's impeachment as Governor of Alaska and the end of her political career.

The second news item revolves around a supposed leak of her high school test scores. I'm fairly certain the report is fake judging by the baseline variation of the typeset, but the pretense of such a fake could precipitate the release of the actual document. The PDF file includes various information relating to her time spent at Wasilla High. Nestled within the document appear to be scans of her SAT scores, Wasilla High GPA and the result of an IQ test; all of which were taken during her high school years. Again I believe this document is a forgery, and as such I am simply reporting its existence. If these results are however validated, and people are working on it, her candidacy will take yet another huge hit.

Fake or not the American people have a right to know. All four of the candidates should release their school transcripts.

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3 Response(s) to Sarah Palin's Excellent Adventure

Osborne Ink
10/9/2008 10:57:00 PM CT

The school records actually have two elements of verisimilitude, at the very least: (1) Palin, like me, belongs to the generation before SSNs were given at birth; she would have applied for her SSN in order to get a driver's permit. The SSN on the purported record has the right prefix. I'd expect a hoaxer to look up her state of birth and use the wrong one. (2) The grades speak of an intellectually incurious student: she barely gets by in biology, and is substandard in foreign language study. ...Of course, there will need to be a lot of further research (and someone needs to come up with the provenance), but if they're fake, they're well-done.
Doubtful IQ
10/10/2008 8:40:09 AM CT

The cutting of the IQ result is suspect. An IQ of 83 is almost moronic: think the person who fumbles your order at Taco Bell.

It's more likely a literary reference to Arthur Herzog's book IQ 83, with an intention of sparking some discussion of its themes. Here's the blurb at Amazon:
Product Description
"A world lapsing into imbecility...true horror!"
-New York Times
That was before the DNA experiments. Before the accident you said could never happen...

Since then you have felt your mind decaying a little more each day. You have watched your wife slip into imbecility. You have seen the crowds growing murderous with animal terror, the President of the United States babbling and drooling on TV...

Only one thing separates you from them. You, at least, know what is happening as you search for the cure for the horror you have unleashed upon the world-as each day the dimming of your mind lowers your chance of finding it!

Spooky parallels!

As a separate note, here's an interesting correlation on a nation's average IQ and the importance of religiosity. How rigorous it is, I'll make no judgment:
10/10/2008 12:15:25 PM CT

I find it incredibly amusing at how deep you must dig to post negtetive remarks on Palin. Sure, you do not believe the documents are real and we all know they are not, BUT you want to mention them anyway. Shame on you!

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