McCain is Not Racist, as Far as I Know

If the title of this article were quoted by Sarah Palin, she would no doubt attribute it to Hillary Clinton (see Madeline Albright reference). During the presidential primary Hillary voiced the following refrain: "Obama is not a Muslim, as far as I know." Her statement is redundant, as is mine, but neither is a tautology. They both convey a sense of doubt while maintaining a warped sense of validity. But there does exist a difference; Hillary's statement can essentially be proven true with facts, whereas mine remains gray around the edges. The genius of this archetypal statement resides within its easily deniable purpose of excitation. McCain may not be a racist, I don't believe he is, but I cannot say one way or another with absolute certainty.

I know I'm walking a slippery slope, but so are 6,440,000 other people; John included, especially after his "that one" comment in the most recent debate. Yes, I'm going there, but it's not what you think. Throughout the debate I recorded quotes and moments of significance for inclusion into the live analysis article. When the "that one" exchange occurred I noticed it, I did a double take and mentioned the racial overtone to the other person watching with me, but I didn't think to write it down. For some reason this statement did not strike me as news worthy; likely because it should not have been news worthy. I could not fathom the possibility of an intentionally racial remark; I immediately assumed McCain garbled the sentence. I then reasoned as to what McCain might have intended to say; my best guess goes something along the lines of "he supported that one," in reference to the energy bill, but it of course did not come out like that.

It took some time, an hour and sixteen minutes later to be exact (while watching a replay) for the gravity of this misstatement to solidify. It finally clicked and when it did, I knew McCain's campaign was over. This blunder should not have been the defining moment of the campaign, but unfortunately I think it was. The McCain campaign tried to walk the fine line required to effectively wage a negative campaign, but McCain lost his balance and the liberal media helped push him to the floor. McCain became lost in a sea of blue; while desperately struggling to find his own message he concurrently hurled the kitchen sink at his opponent. McCain's entire campaign has failed to realize the need for a systemic shift in their messaging. The current Republican path doesn't lead to glory as the road nears it's November end, they need to find a new path.

At this point Obama should simply ignore the race issue and place the "that one" quote in his back pocket for a rainy day. If the McCain campaign starts overly playing the race card, Obama can then easily counter. I've talked about it before, but I'll say it again; John McCain can do more good for the Republican party if he loses honorably, than if he blazes a path of divisiveness to the White House. I don't know if he knows this, his ego is clouding his judgment. I fear the moral compass required to end the smears may extend beyond McCain's scope of reasoning. McCain, like his party sees the world in absolutes, the with us or against us mindset; I just hope he realizes that his character is absolutely being questioned.

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15 Response(s) to McCain is Not Racist, as Far as I Know

10/9/2008 2:44:37 PM CT

I don't agree that McCain's "that one" comment was necessarily racist. In any case, McCain has made much bigger blunders than that in the course of his campaign. I do agree very much with your final paragraph, however. Well reasoned and well stated.
10/9/2008 2:44:39 PM CT

McCain is not racist but he is desparate and the only thing left for this bancrupt campaign is to appeal to lowest of emotions Anger and Hate
10/9/2008 2:47:53 PM CT

Is south turning blue?
Here is some analysis
10/9/2008 3:30:11 PM CT

They throw the word "terrorists" around like it was nothing...and love using the "guilt by association" about these associations???????

If Sarah Palin defends her claim that Barack Obama "pals around with terrorists," saying it's an issue that is "fair to talk about." How about theses?

1) AIP Vice Chairman Dexter Clark praised the virtues of candidate Sarah Palin
(AIP has also linked itself to a foreign terrorist group personally funded by Osama Bin Laden)
If a Democratic candidate, or their spouse, were a friend of a friend of Bin Laden, this election would be over!

2) McCain has a close association with a white supremacist Richard Quinn who was in 2000 and still is a political advisor, for him. Quinn called Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, terrorists. Quinn also called David Duke (former Ku Klux Klan leader) a "maverick" and supported him, when Duke was running for president...and sold t-shirts for Duke in his magazine, praising the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. .
VJ Sleight
10/9/2008 4:45:12 PM CT

I don't think it was as much a racist remark as a "age-ist" remark. Something a grandfather would say to one of the grandkids when he has forgotten the kid's name. They say the memory is the first to go and McCain is too old to lead this country. Obama is on the leading edge and McCain is just old school. Time for a change, Time for Obama!!
10/9/2008 4:56:32 PM CT

If you lived in the deep south, you would recognize the term "that one" for what it means there: that a person of color is not remembering his/her "place," that he/she is an uppity...

I do believe with McCain, it may have been more his absolute dislike and distain for Obama that made it hard for him to even utter his name in a respectful manner.
10/9/2008 4:58:49 PM CT

Nice post.

Just one thing...

You really think the media is liberal?? Still?

The same media that's mindlessly, helplessly repeating the Ayers thing, as they were helpfully prompted to by Palin, while ignoring her connections to a John Vogler, who founded the Alaskan Independence Party and explicitly stated several times before he was murdered in an illegal explosives sale gone bad that he hated America?

The same media that harped endlessly on Rev. Wright's statement that America, when it is responsible for the deaths of innocents, will be damned by God, while giving McCain a near pass on Revs Hagee and Parsley?

The same media that is pretty much ignoring the shocking video of the Kenyan, genuine witch-hunting Pastor Thomas Muthe laying his hands on Sarah Palin during a church service and praying for her to reach the governorship, be protected from witches, etc.?

Are we talking about the same media?

Point being, McCain pushed himself to the ground.

You're right about that remark though. Whether or not McCain intended it as a racist remark, the mere fact that it did not occur to him that it might be construed as such shows that he is too obtuse to run this country.
10/9/2008 5:39:17 PM CT

McCain is...I mean honorable person. I can't believe he is going this dirty in his campaign. It's just wrong and it goes against everything he claims to be. I'm definitely taking my vote to Obama.
10/9/2008 5:55:26 PM CT

It appears as if the McCain/Palin ticket is advocating harm to Sen. Obama. The tone at their rallies of late if frightening!!! The attempt to paint Sen. Obama as a terrorist is insane lunacy. . . Palin should look at herself and her first dude and their affiliation with AIP

Gutter politics at it's worst!!

Who is Sarah Palin?????? = SCRIPTED OPPORTUNIST
Who is John McCain = OLD OPPORTUNIST
10/9/2008 8:08:29 PM CT

Well perhaps McCain isn't racist, but he sure gives a lot of money to those that are in order to get them to use their influence on their groups to support him

One of his main advisers in the South is a guy named Richard Quinn, publisher of "The Southern Partisan", a magazine that promotes the heritage of segregation and the Confederacy.
10/9/2008 10:21:32 PM CT

Now, in a typical tactic of someone trying to hide the truth... "Palin pre-empts state report, clears self in probe"

What a mavericky thing to do! You'd never expect a typical Washington politician to pull a stunt like that...
10/10/2008 7:23:34 AM CT

I will say this and no more... If Obama were a white man this would not be tolerated by "We the people" Never in all my years on this earth have I seen such double standard. Obama has answered and answered and answered again the questions posed to him about Rezco, Wright and Ayers yet he is still being asked to answer yet again. Not one single, solitary thing has anyone found that Obama has done all by his lonesome that could tarnish his character or judgment or values. He has been married to the same woman he fathered his children with. He has maintained his dignity and poise from day one. He has rejected, denounce and broke ties with those who have done or said what most American's find deplorable yet he's still considered a terrorist and folks still wish him harm. Not because of something he's said or done and not even because of his so called ties but simply because he's a Black Man who dared to run for President.
10/10/2008 10:36:48 AM CT

God forbid that a black man ever outshine an old white guy! (Our white president has done us SO much good the last 8 years!) Obama's smarter, more polished, has more ideas, and is a lot more presidential than McSame will ever be. McSame is a tired, out of touch politician who has spent WAY too much time in Washington. Obama is the better candidate, and it really doesn't matter what color he is. He has shown a lot more respect to McSame than he deserves. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about McSame to Obama. I can only hope that the many intelligent, level headed people of this country see through these desparate attempts of the McSame campaign. It's time that our country had a government that cared about the people. No more of the Bush/Cheney criminals running our country into the ground. I wouldn't care if he were purple polka dotted, I'm voting for Obama because he is the best candidate.
10/10/2008 10:40:13 AM CT

You want to know more about John McCain? Read this and then decide if you want this kind of a person running your country.
10/11/2008 5:18:10 PM CT

I do not think McCain is a racist. I think he is desperate, and does not see a way out. His own campaign said if we talk about the economy "we lose". I have news for McCain this kind of thing will guarantee he loses, people do not like mobs and they do not like ugliness at political rallies. They have seen this kind of Karl Rove tactics work in the past and as long as it WORKS the Republicans will continue to do it, I have looked at him at the rallies when its obviously turning into a KKK type affair or at least an ole fashion rile um up to hang someone, he looks uncomfortable, it does not seem that he likes to do this, I think he wanted to run an honorable campaign but when that was not working he went back to the tactics of smear and fear, guilt by association, focusing on negativity 100 percent of the time. This is what I do not understand and other people can comment, this was done to McCain in 2000, and I cannot understand for the life of me why he would do this now.

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