The Second Debate: Live Analysis

8:01 CT: The Brokaw neck jerk leads off the night.

8:02 CT: Obama with the coin flip win.

8:05 CT: McCain probably should have gotten either a shorter stool or a taller stool. It doesn't matter but he should have made a decision, he looks pained.

8:06 CT: Apparently keeping taxes low fixes the bad loans that are crushing the economy.

8:07 CT: "We need to stabilize home values," says John McCain. That is excellent, how do we do this Mr. McCain? "I know how we can fix this economy," John rhetorically responds, but never actually tells us how he will do it.

8:11 CT: What was that Brokaw rant about.

8:12 CT: Anybody who owns a home has heard of either Fannie May or Freddie Mac, John. Their logo is all over mortage documents.

8:13 CT: Obama looks very comfortable in his bar stool.

8:14 CT: "I have to correct some of John McCain's history, not surprising," marks Obama first zinger of the night.

8:19 CT: Section "F," what a segue Mr. Brokaw.

8:20 CT: Nothing has happened so far.

8:20 CT: "The system in washing is broken, I have been a consistent reformer...Senator Obama has never taken on the leaders of his party." Senator Obama has not been in a position during a period in time where the Democratic leadership was wrong.

8:22 CT: McCain agreed that he would not go into the audience, and he just walked between the seating divisions. Clearly against the rules.

8:24 CT: Apparently McCain thinks he can conquer the three biggest issues of our election but yet he cannot campaign and help push the bailout bill. Sounds like a contradiction.

8:26 CT: Some of the "700 Billion that goes overseas is going to terrorists," I have no idea where McCain is getting this number from.

8:28 CT: Why does McCain want a spending freeze on everything but defense?

8:33 CT: I do not want to another image of McCain sitting awkwardly in his chair. I'm glad he's standing now.

8:36 CT: To bad health insurance costs more than $5,000.

8:37 CT: The Social Security question is now out in the open.

8:38 CT: Brokaw says Obama cannot talk about taxes, so Obama takes the next question and responds to the tax question anyway.

8:39 CT: If a small business is useful to society it becomes a big business. A small business should not get tax breaks, unless they contribute to society. You are not special because you have a small business.

8:40 CT: "Social Security is not that tough," what is your plan then Mr. McCain. I do not care about Tip O'Neil. If you want us to have a commission to solve social security with the smartest people in America, while you be in that Commission Mr. McCain.

8:42 CT: I do not care what section the question is coming from Tom Brokaw.

8:44 CT: McCain is trying to distance himself from the Bush Administration on the environment, nobody cares. Apparently John thinks Japan is an example of reusing Nuclear Fuel but Japan is not allowed to have Nuclear fuel. That was part of the Geneva convention. The people who tried to take over the world are not allowed to have Nuclear.

8:48 CT: McCain simply does not understand the concept of the Manhattan Project reference in the question. It has nothing to do with Nuclear it has to do with funding a purely scientific project to conquer the energy problem.

8:50 CT: Why is McCain just pacing in the background. In 2000 Gore startled Bush in a debate so they have no set aside a specific region in which the candidate can be. McCain is all over the place.

8:53 CT: "Obama keeps talking about what the government will do," that is correct Mr. McCain. The reason he believes in the government achieving these objectives is because the private sector has not adequately provided for the citizens, in Obama's opinion.

8:55 CT: McCain's joke fell entirely flat. I know the crowd is allowed to make noise, but there was definitely laughter in the VP debate.

8:55 CT: "With the plan I have that will do that." Thanks, what is your plan Mr. McCain?

8:56 CT: "Health care should be a right," Barack Obama.

8:57 CT: "McCain voted against expanding health care for children," Barack Obama.

8:59 CT: "Did we hear the size of the fine?" I have no idea what McCain was referring to.

9:00 CT: I'm glad McCain understands the concept of Universal Instantiation.

9:05 CT: "We're not going to be able to be everywhere at anytime," is the essence of the Obama Doctrine on humanitarian combat operations.

9:08 CT: "We ended up having to withdrawn in humiliation." Wow John, sounds an awful lot like the current situation. Lebanon seems to have turned out okay.

9:10 CT: "The young men and women in our military our my number one priority, after our country," sounds fairly fascist to me. You have two cows, the government kills you and takes them.

9:12 CT: McCain just blamed the current Afghanistan mess on the 1980s Afghan war with Russia. Who was president during the Afghan war, your boy Reagan.

9:15 CT: McCain just made the leap from "I was joking with a veteran about bombing Iran" to "I know how to handle these crises."

9:21 CT: What is Russia going to do us? The USA has bigger issues at the moment.

9:22 CT: "Energy is going to be key in dealing with Russia," Barack Obama on Russia.

9:23 CT: "Maybe," the biggest moment in the debate. McCain failed to take a stance, Obama did as well, but he talked through the question instead of entirely dodging the question.

9:25 CT: Nothing in the question about Israel asked by Terry Shirey had anything to do with Nuclear weapons.

9:33 CT: Senator McCain invokes an indirect use of the POW card. "When times are tough we need a steady hand on the tiller." Interesting farming reference to concluded the debate.

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13 Response(s) to The Second Debate: Live Analysis

10/7/2008 10:28:05 PM CT

How could you forget the McStupid Jello comment? Unbelievable! Obama wins so big!! I can't wait until Nov 4 when we can finally shut the "straight talk" up!
Mrs. Jackson
10/7/2008 10:56:50 PM CT

Mr. McCain betrayed his disdain for mr. Obama with the remark calling him 'that one,' very dehumanizing, very condesending. very tragic.
ks dem
10/7/2008 11:10:15 PM CT

I think a tiller is a nautical term. Not a farming one.
10/7/2008 11:13:57 PM CT

That One! happilly hit it out of the yankee stadium.
10/7/2008 11:17:59 PM CT

I'm voting for "THAT ONE".
10/8/2008 12:16:30 AM CT

McCain can't believe that there is an intelligence back man in the world. He need to wake up and sell the roses. There is many, many many more out there like Barack Obama. Just wait!
10/8/2008 2:49:13 AM CT

The words "That One," will be recalled for years to come-as the comment heard around the world.
This country has awakened from a long sleep, desirous of real leadership minus the phoney swift boat tatics, which do nothing for the benifit of it's citizens.
10/8/2008 9:36:53 AM CT

John McCain, the great reformer, yeah right. The only reform John McCain understands is to deregulate and abolish oversight. That is NOT reform, that is a blank check to rip off investors, Phil Gramm's favorite form of corporate welfare. I believe that John McCain would like to put Phil Gramm in as the Secretary of the Treasury but knew that would be a blunder in the debate.

Maybe Americans would be better off if we were as stupid as McCain takes us for. I hate being talked down to.
worried in S FL
10/8/2008 9:38:56 AM CT

I'm a black man and hat comment made me want to jump through the TV and ask McCain what did he mean by that "That One" commnet
10/8/2008 10:00:20 AM CT

Just a quick correction ... "steady hand on the tiller" is a nautical term as well. A tiller is a bar or lever fitted to the head of a rudder, for turning the rudder in steering. John McCain would use nautical terms.
10/8/2008 10:06:31 AM CT

John McCain is a liar and a coward. He will say and do anything to try and win this election. His campaign has sunk to the absolute lowest depth of scum trying to smear Obama. I'm amazed that he even would show his face at the debate after his recent tactics. Hey Sarah, is that a true Christian to get the crowd to scream "murder" about your opponent?
I sincerely hope and pray that the American people see through this nastiness and vote for a true change, and it's not John McCain. He's not presidential in any form.
10/8/2008 11:27:00 AM CT

One of the first questions in the debate was delivered by a young black man to McCain. McCain's answer dealt with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; he said to the black man:
" probably have never heard of Fannie and Freddie.." (I'm paraphrasing a bit)-

The condescension in McCain's answer to this man, was obvious- after all how could a "black man" know about Fannie and Freddie. This condescension and prejudice was not lost to the young man. Look at his face when the camera pans by him; the outrage is palpable.
McCain is many things, some good and some bad, but I am sure that one of them is a racist!!
10/8/2008 5:16:20 PM CT

That One sounds like something my racist cranky Dad would say.......

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