A New Republic...an Party

After yesterday's schism of House Republicans the path forward seems clouded. Two-thirds of the party broke with leadership on the most crucial bill of the session. Michele Bachmann (Republican, Minnesota) cited the reason for the bill's failure as "maybe the bill just wasn't good." Maybe the bill wasn't good, but under that premise the negotiations also weren't good. If the negotiations weren't good how can the rank and file Republicans continue to blame Pelosi for her speech, or Obama's inability to deliver Democrats; when in essence all parties were responsible for the negotiations. Last time I checked the Democrats delivered 141 votes or two-thirds of the votes needed for the bill's passage. If the House Republicans voted in this same number there would be no discussion. The negotiations broke down at some point causing the Republican caucus to jump ship.

I'm not going to focus on how the negotiations broke down, but rather the result of such a catastrophic miscalculation. John McCain, whether responsible or not clearly played a role in the failed negotiations. McCain supported the bill, but only sixty-five others in his party held this same view. Going into the vote McCain's election chances hinged on the success or failure of the bailout. A deficiency pertaining to the politics at play is not acceptable. As a Republican, a vote against the bill was not necessarily the issue, but a vote against the failing bill had huge ramifications. It was not the Democrats who doomed McCain, but rather his own party.

As a result McCain can no longer win the economic vote. His chances of stealing Michigan or Pennsylvania are gone. He must restore his credibility, he must act, he cannot let the clock expire. His candidacy is at risk, but perhaps more importantly to him, the ideals for which his party stands hang in the balance. If John McCain truly puts his country first he will release Sarah Palin. The Sarah Palin selection embodies everything wrong with personal politics; a retreat from this selfish blunder would signify a new direction. Such a decision would also carry great personal sacrifice. John McCain's own presidential aspirations would essentially die. He's at a crossroad in American politics, he has a choice; he can either be charged with the proliferation of the Old Republican politics or he could be credited as the selfless creator of a New Republican Party.

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1 Response(s) to A New Republic...an Party

10/2/2008 6:20:54 AM CT

John McCain took a daring gamble -- a gamble based on the promise of quick political gain. Other GOP figures were available, people whose long service in public office in public life meet a willingness to serve Party and Nation. I look at Richard Lugar, who has experience as the Mayor of Indianapolis as well as the US Senate as someone whom Barack Obama cooperated with on nuclear proliferation... if Lugar were the VP candidate, Obama wouldn't mention him in his campaign literature. Sure, Lugar lacks charisma... so what? He is well respected nationwide. Whom would you rather have dealing with the Russians -- someone who has already dealt with them or some neophyte Governor whose State has a border with Russia and has probably never had a visit with any Russian official or visited Russia?

Another is George Voinovich, former (and effective) Governor of Ohio and Mayor of Cleveland. He's well respected in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, which together have 77 electoral votes. It is now possible that all 77 of those electoral votes go to Obama -- but with either Voinovich or Lugar as his running mate, McCain still has Obama on the defensive to this day.

Sure, both are old and dull... but which would you rather have as President in the aftermath of something all-too-thinkable with another old man as President? It's too late now. Sarah Palin has demonstrated how capricious a gambler John McCain is. In the wake of what may be the worst President in American history, when things are risky enough as they are, we need no more gamblers with the safety of our Nation as President.

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