Poll Update (9/29)

Nothing of note yet, but Rasmussen's releasing five new polls at 6pm (ET, I think). The new Rasmussen polls are now included; Obama is losing by a single point in Ohio while leading by eight in Pennsylvania. The other states are within the margin of error with Obama slightly ahead or tied. An all around rough day for McCain:

Colorado (9)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports9/28/200849483
Florida (27)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports9/28/200847476
Florida (27)SurveyUSA9/28/200847485
North Carolina (15)Public Policy Polling (D)9/28/200847458
Ohio (20)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports9/28/200847485
Pennsylvania (21)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports9/28/200850428
Tennessee (11)Middle Tennessee State9/27/2008364816
Virginia (13)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports9/28/200850473

The VP Debate looms large in the distance, especially after today's market collapse. The debate will no doubt focus on the failed bailout bill and the economy at large. Palin knows nothing about the economy and I legitimately question her ability to comprehend the bill's text.

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9 Response(s) to Poll Update (9/29)

9/29/2008 7:52:42 PM CT

"Palin knows nothing about the economy and I legitimately question her ability to comprehend the bill's text."

Aren't governors supposed to be strong at economy? I mean, isn't that their job?
9/29/2008 9:05:44 PM CT

These polls are meaningless. Obama is going to surprise the poll takers.
9/29/2008 9:40:42 PM CT

I truly believe Agent 420 is correct. No one is polling all those young people who have cell phones and no land lines.
9/29/2008 9:46:54 PM CT

Without the polls appearing very close, the media will not have income agin from adverts.
Anonymous in Michigan
9/30/2008 6:42:14 AM CT

Yes, on election day Obama supporters will be very, very surprised!

In the November 2006 elections Michigan voters re-elected, by a 60-40 margin, a liberal Democrat governor, Jennifer Granholm, and a liberal Democrat senator, Debby Stabenow. Michigan voters also had the opportunity to vote on Proposition 2, a ballot initiative whose passage and enactment would prohibit affirmative action programs in all state funded institutions, e.g., Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.
Two days before the election the final pre-election Detroit Free Press poll revealed that only 40% of the individuals polled supported Proposition 2. Prop 2 was headed for a major defeat, according to the polls. Proposition 2, however, carried on election day by an 60-40 margin. So, by passing Proposition 2, a state that overwhelmingly re-elected two very liberal Democratic candidates also overwhelmingly passed a very conservative ballot initiative.
Barack Obama will lose on election day, by a margin of at least 55-45 in the popular vote. He will lose Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, and Virginia. Obama's defeat will effect Democratic Party politics in new and disturbing ways. This is not just another Democratic bungling of a presidential election, i.e., Kerry, Gore, Mondale, etc. People are passionate about Obama in ways that go beyond the normal "vote for my candidate so my interests will continue to feed at the trough of public graft." No, too many people see Obama for something he is not, and that is truly dangerous.
9/30/2008 9:48:16 AM CT

Anonymous in Michigan

I always feel sorry for people like you who project your candidate's (McCain) less than honorable positions onto Obama and taking Obama's honorable positions for your own. The few times Bush has actually done thing right in the last 1-1/2 years are when he runs Obama's game plan. It shows America just how bankrupt of ideas the Republicans really are.

just remember come vote time: A vote for McCain/Palin is a vote for WAR!
9/30/2008 12:41:48 PM CT

My colleague from Michigan is absolutely right. Just wait and see. Obama is an overinflated political balloon of the far-left, a man who has never achieved anything in life other than his college degree. He has never opposed the loons from his own party (and loons they have a lot!); he has never initiated anything other than the conception of his own kids, and actually rumor is that it was Michelle who initiated the action.
9/30/2008 1:04:20 PM CT

Polls are showing that the Tide has turned....
Economy & Debate & Palin are enough to show People what GOP has become....
Bitter, Selfish and Greedy is a hard sell in today's World....

These hardcore GOP NeoCons are running scared... They see what is coming at them... and they CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH... Americans KNOW who is to blame for this Wall Street Meltdown... The Corporate-Whoring GOP...

The modern GOP stands for nothing, has no real values, and has sold out to the Great American Business Cartel.... They will go the way of the Whigs.... Bye-Bye!

We need a decent government looking out for People, Not Corporations...

Rasmussen Tracking 09/27 - 09/29 3000 LV 51 45 Obama +6
Hotline/FD Tracking 09/27 - 09/29 901 RV 47 41 Obama +6
Gallup Tracking 09/26 - 09/28 2732 RV 50 42 Obama +8
GW/Battleground Tracking 09/22 - 09/28 1000 LV 46 48 McCain +2
CBS News/NY Times 09/21 - 09/24 LV 48 43 Obama +5
FOX News 09/22 - 09/23 900 RV 45 39 Obama +6
Marist 09/22 - 09/23 689 LV 49 44 Obama +5
ME in Delaware
10/2/2008 1:52:37 PM CT

Anonymous in Michigan and WISCONSIN:

The 2000 and 2004 election was STOLEN. It won't happen this time. Don't hold your breath for a McCain win, or yet HOLD YOUR BREATH AND SEE WHERE IT GETS YOU.

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