Poll Update (9/28)

I was struggling to come up with a topic for discussion so I went back into our archives and compiled a list our best, timeless articles.

In the The Red November I discussed the historic implications governing the color red. Since 1972, perhaps earlier, only two presidential tickets have been elected in which red did not appear in their campaign sign.

With John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin the Republicans tried to paint Obama as a grossly under experienced and therefore under qualified candidate; the Constitution actually lists the Qualifications of a President.

A few months back I compiled a fairly limited Senate ranking system using the average number of cosponsors needed for a bill to become law. I included all first term Republican Senators up for reelection with a few others for comparison. Our analysis revealed that Elizabeth Dole is a Senate Parasite.

One day while watching CSPAN-2 I heard a peculiar quote, so I researched its significance. The quote by Senator Dick Durbin (Democrat, Illinois) led me to conclude that the Senate Republicans had set the filibuster record as far back as June.

Now onto the polls:

California (55)Public Policy Institute of California9/16/2008504010
Connecticut (7)SurveyUSA9/25/200854388
Kentucky (8)Mason-Dixon9/25/200841536
Tennessee (11)Mason-Dixon9/24/200839556

Nothing significant happened in the polling world today, but tomorrow should reveal how Americans perceived the debate. Today's national tracking polls all seemed to illustrate a bounce for Obama with the inclusion of the new Saturday sample. If the trackers tomorrow show a further increase for Obama it's safe to say that Obama clearly won the first debate, and likely the election. If McCain's numbers surge it could mean any number of things; perhaps it was a bad sample, perhaps McCain's debate content took a while to set in, or perhaps people are linking the bailout progress to McCain's Campaign suspension (McCain was not on Capital Hill). In any case tomorrow's polls hold the key.

The text of the bailout bill has been posted at https://financialservices.house.gov/. The site is getting pounded, they probably should have set aside 10k for a server upgrade.

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