The Debate: Live Analysis

8:22 CT: John McCain just referenced his support for the destruction of Ethanol. Is he aware that his support is dropping in Missouri? Does McCain realize that he may be able to compete in Minnesota, perhaps Wisconsin maybe even Iowa. Not anymore. Any farmer on the fence just jumped off the McCain train.

8:32 CT: John wants a spending freeze on everything but Veteran Affairs, National Security and other important problems. That's a lot like saying we should only spend money on what matters. The USA should be doing that anyway. What about Health care? McCain seemed pretty concerned about Ted Kennedy in his intro, even though Ted's at home and fine (although he was hospitalized earlier due to the side effect of his cancer medication), maybe McCain should put his money where is mouth is and support universal health care if hes going to play the sympathy card.

8:34 CT: What a segue, right into health care. John McCain said, "Obama's plan would make health care part of the Federal Government." John, that's the idea. People pay their taxes, Obama is arguing that health care is a fundamental right of all citizens, thus it should be part of the Federal Government.

8:39 CT: How many times is John McCain going to say "I was not elected Ms. Congeniality of the United States Senate?" That is correct John, you were elected as a Senator.

8:46 CT: If the USA wasn't in Iraq would the Administration care if there was sectarian violence? My guess is no, because they clearly don't care about the violence in Sudan or Burma.

8:47 CT: Obama just attributed numerous Bush quotes to McCain; McCain didn't fight back. Instead he went into story time about how he toured an Iraqi market in a flack jacket.

8:55 CT: McCain just indirectly compared Iraq to Afghanistan saying we don't need more troops, we need a diplomatic solution. Sounds an awful lot like Obama's stance on the surge.

8:58 CT: John McCain has taken a magical ride back to 1983 in which he opposed the Lebanon incident position of Ronald Reagan. He then jumped forward to the First Gulf War. I think he might be forgetting something: Keating Five.

8:59 CT: "I will wear this bracelet with honor," John McCain says of a bracelet he is not wearing. Maybe he should have planned ahead, to bad he was to busy disrupting the financial fix.

9:01 CT: "I have a bracelet too," Barack Obama responds, "its from a mother who doesn't want another son to die."

9:02 CT: Obama just challenged McCain on national security. "You don't muddle through the central front on terror."

9:04 CT: If Gen. Petraeus predicts we will lose Iraq, why is he in command, that just doesn't make since John.

9:04 CT: The League of Democracies? I think there is already something like that: The United Nations.

9:08 CT: Here comes the "without preconditions" rebuttal. Does talking equate to legitimization? Last time I checked nobody legitimately died at a discussion.

9:11 CT: I consider the Iran meeting issue over. McCain has no ground to stand on. Henry Kissinger doomed his arguement, amongst other strong points. Obama then played the "you don't know where Spain is" card.

9:14 CT: "Its dangerous [to meet without preconditions]... its just dangerous," really John, why? He cannot come up with a decent arguement.

9:18 CT: Obama can pronounce all the weird foreign names and countries while McCain struggles to pronounce "Ahmadinejad."

9:19 CT: Where is McCain going with this, he just listed every country that used to be a Soviet satellite.

9:25 CT: Obama just pivoted away from the Russia issue into alternative energy; he then dropped a "McCain voted against alternative energy 23 times." John claims that off shore drilling is a "bridge to the future."

9:26 CT: McCain blinked on the, "will there be another 9/11." He should have just said no.

9:28 CT: McCain: "I know our allies, I can work more closely with them." I know our allies too: Germany, England, Canada, etc. You can look it up on Wikipedia.

9:30 CT: Obama got the first word, will McCain get the last?

9:31 CT: SDI, never happened John. They made that corny "Star Wars" video and it died; mainly because it was never proven.

9:33 CT: Obama looking to end on the economy.

9:35 CT: McCain goes back to his experience, tries to link Obama to Bush? Don't really understand this approach.

9:35 CT: John McCain "I will take care of [veterans], that will be my job." That job gets a lot easier by not fighting wars that produce veterans, or American casualties.

9:37 CT: McCain ends by stating that Vietnam Veterans were not treated properly.

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13 Response(s) to The Debate: Live Analysis

9/26/2008 11:20:46 PM CT

McCain voted against ALL VETERANS AND MILITARY BILLS - 19 time....THIS INCLUDED Humvees, kevlar, many more soldiers does he want to die for a war we should never been in. He's a dunce and his VP pick is even worse.
9/27/2008 1:13:54 AM CT

McCain is still re-fighting the Vietnam War. It was obvious when Lehrer referenced the "lessons of Vietnam" and then pivoted to What are the lessons of Iraq? You could see the wheels grinding in McCain's head. He is still trying to redeem his experience in Vietnam, and if it means a lot more guys die in Iraq, well that's a price he's willing to pay to get that honor thing settled once and for all. Unfortunately for him, half of voting age Americans don't even remember Vietnam.
9/27/2008 1:49:52 AM CT

It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so anti-veteran. He seems to think he is the only hero from the Vietnam War. His biggest travesty to Vietnam MIA/POW families was closing and sealing all records so he could push naturalization of relations with Vietnam. Amazing that he still insists he supports veterans.
9/27/2008 3:31:47 AM CT

Can anyone tell me why Obama is not bringing up the veterans' benefits votes of McCain.

Please explain.
9/27/2008 6:51:27 AM CT

I agree totally with you Montana, their is a great video clip on of him arguing with a woman wanting those records to be made public. I wish Obama would have come back with a question to McCain about that very thing maybe he could have asked, "Senator McCain if you are so concerned about Veterans, why are you against having records from the Vietnam MIA/POW records closed and sealed?

It makes me wonder what he is trying to hide.

This woman went toe to toe with him and didn't back down. Look it up on youtube.
virginia mctired
9/27/2008 9:34:01 AM CT

I saw an angry, mean, old man, reliving his past, with disdain toward Obama. How can he possibly govern our country with the mental acuity it will need to pull us through the muck and mire Bush/Rep/McCain have bequeathed us? Poor America should McCain and his cohorts, the neocons, become president.
9/27/2008 10:27:53 AM CT

I could not watch all of McCain in the debate. I don't want to hear "My friends" one more time. I cannot listen to his lies again. He is not for veterans or womens' rights. He is an old, angry man who shouldn't even be running for office. If he's been in Washington so long, and done so much damage, why would anyone consider that he could do some good as a president? Are we really this clueless? And Palin as VP choice? Get real. He was rude--not looking at Obama when addressing him. He was condescending. Can you imagine this kind of behavior in a discussion with heads of state or one of our enemies? It's time to move on from the Bush/Cheney style of government--stealing, lying, murdering. We need a president who cares about the people and our country. We don't need more of Bush.
9/27/2008 11:18:13 AM CT

this is the same john mccain who lost out to george bush eight years back in the
gop primaries,the same george bush who is widely considered to be the worst ever.
has he now become so much smarter that he knows how to fix the economy,restore
our image around the world------?

i could understand if he lost to an eventual brilliant President but he lost to a dud.
if he was a loser then he is a loser now.
9/27/2008 1:09:56 PM CT

Obama didn't bring up the GI Bills for three reasons.
1. The debate was about to end and he needed to give the closing argument, which is more important.
2. Obama is not an attacker, he is a counter puncher. He does best when he undercuts a person's attack by pointing out a gaffe made on the subject.
3. The GI bill can be used some other time. There is another debate with McCain coming up so don't worry. If Obama doesn't need to use it, he shouldn't.

Quote of the Debate - "You talk like the war started in 2007. It didn't. It started in 2003."
9/27/2008 2:19:10 PM CT

If there ever was any question about McCain's lack of judgement and bad temperment that question has been answered. He is rude, condescending and prone to smirks and red faces when his bad judgement is challenged,( NO WAY NO HOW NO MCCAIN)
Richard L Bown - Canada
9/28/2008 1:53:02 AM CT

I feel sad that the US has to put up with people like Bush and McCain/Palin. It took me 10 mins into the debate to finally realize what was bothering me: McCain's incessant blinking throughout each response or attack on Obama. It smirked of insincerity, and possibly, outright misdirection. Please look closely at the hand-shaking photo of McCain/Obama at onset of the Debate. McCain is looking away while Obama is focused on McCain. For myself, I wish you a voter turn-out that will exceed all the previous Presidential elections, for only then, will the average American citizen demonstrate and defend his right to CHOOSE his Leader. If not, Big Business will decide for You.

The best to all of You, we are neighbors and trading partners, hopefully the financial disasters you are living today will not engulf us also.

My Regards to the best person for your country.
Dave Larkin-USA
9/28/2008 10:36:00 AM CT

You guys are all DEMON-crats. You can't think for yourselves, sure McCain isn't the best we can have for President, but he sure goes a long way above Obama, and as for Bush being the worst President?,,,there was this one guy, CARTER! Obama will be the worst Pesident in the history of the USA. He will bow down to all comers, he will talk, talk, talk, and do NOTHING. Wake up people, I'm a registered Dem, and I will not vote for a Muslim, far left lib, like Hussen Obama. That brings up another point, Obama practiced being a Muslim for 31 years, until his WIFE made him give it up to be a christian, do a snopes check people, this guy is nothing, nothing at all but a Chicago thug in a nice suit. All of you just want to vote for him because you think it's a slap in the face of Bush (whom you hate so much) it's not, it;s a slap in the face of America, he will bring the country down.
9/28/2008 6:22:17 PM CT

This is the worst rape and pillage of the American people yet. Wall Street needs jail terms - not rewards for running our economy into the ground.

Please contact Congress. The House votes Monday. Please say NO BAILOUT.

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