Poll Update (9/22)

Even though I just upgraded the server, an issue still persists. If you receive the ominous "Service Unavailable" page, trying waiting ten seconds and refreshing. This is caused by a perfect storm of traffic (not so much quantity, but rather the right combination) that causes the memory buffer to overflow and reset server; the new server is much faster but has less memory. I'm currently working on a fix, but it may take a few days.

Today's polls, so far:

Florida (27)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports9/21/200846513
Georgia (15)American Research Group9/21/200839574
Michigan (17)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports9/21/200851445
Minnesota (10)Rasmussen Reports9/18/200852444
National (538)CNN, Opinion Research Corp.9/21/200848457
Nevada (5)Suffolk University9/21/200845469
New Hampshire (4)University of New Hampshire9/21/200845478
New Jersey (15)American Research Group9/21/200851427
New Mexico (5)Public Policy Polling (D)9/19/200853425
North Carolina (15)Rasmussen Reports9/18/200847503
Ohio (20)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports9/21/200846504
Pennsylvania (21)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports9/21/200848457
Pennsylvania (21)Rasmussen Reports9/21/200848457
Pennsylvania (21)NBC News, Mason Dixon9/18/2008464410
South Dakota (3)American Research Group9/21/200839556
Virginia (13)SurveyUSA9/21/200851454
Virginia (13)ABC News, Washington Post9/21/200849465
Virginia (13)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports9/21/200848502
Wisconsin (10)American Research Group9/21/200850455

If the election were held today John McCain would lose, and lose handily. John appears to have lost his grasp in Virginia based on the most recent SurveyUSA poll, and has relinquished any hope of competing in Minnesota if the new Rasmussen poll is accurate. Wisconsin also seems to be moving in Obama's direction, while Nevada and North Carolina remain essentially tied. None of this is good for the McCain contingent.

Pennsylvania is still within striking distance for McCain, although he has never lead. McCain will need something major to happen in the next ten days or the bandwagon effect will start to kick in. I feel the debate is his last best shot at competing, but can he even compete in the debate?

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