Does Bush Support McCain?

The market's melted, McCain's prospect wilted, and poor George forgot to leave the lights on. If your line of expertise has anything to do with finacials and you didn't see the drop coming, you need to find new work. Unfortunately for the American people Bush isn't going to do that. On the day the markets died Bush was nowhere to be found, but something else was happening, or more appropriately, was not happening. George W. Bush was not using the impending financial crisis for political advancement.

Or was he?

The Feds and Congress are hard at work this weekend trying to remedy the situation. There have been reports of a trillion dollar bailout to right the current doom, gloom and despair. I question the situation at large: if the government is so willing to write a blank check to bail out the financials, why couldn't they write an equally large check to bail out the autos? It doesn't make political sense, Michigan is a swing state, you write a check to General Motors and Michigan flips. But Bush knows the causality between helping the autos research alternative energy and a drop in his precious petroleum revenue. The issue transcends national politics, but not in a good way, in a personal way.

The life long oil man, W, couldn't justify helping his party, the banner under which he lead the country into the ground, at the cost of his own personal finances. Greed ruled the day in the Whitehouse and on Wall Street. It's politics as usual, nothing has changed, George did what was politically expedient, again, and the media didn't notice. Sound like the whole false intelligence in Iraq situation, it should.

At the end of the day George Bush doesn't support the country, he doesn't even support his party, he supports himself. John McCain just happens to be the next closest thing to supporting himself.

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4 Response(s) to Does Bush Support McCain?

We Must Change!
9/21/2008 3:22:23 PM CT

I am a taxpayer and I think this should be placed to a national vote at the polls this November and when we all vote the Repbublicans out of office we can vote "NO" to this bailout as well. Why should we hold the burden of bailing out a company and CEO's that's made millions off of ripping people off and now we have to pay them to stay afloat. This is not right and someone needs to go to jail. What are the reasons for the rush all of a sudden? Something doesn't sit right with this and someone should be held accountable.

I say "NO" to any bailout except bailing out those who owe students loans and those who have been foreclosed on and have bad mortgages. The hell with Wall Street and the rich cronies of BUSH!
9/21/2008 7:20:13 PM CT

Apples and oranges. Don't get me wrong -- I detest W as much as the next gal, but your assesment is off base.

If the autos don't get a bail out, cars will still be made. Thousands lose their jobs, which sucks, but cars are still made. If the bailout that is underway doesn't happen the financial markets meltdown which will have a global effect. Not to sound like a "dolly drama", but this is some serious stuff. Do I like the idea? No. But is is necessary? From both sides of the aisle, I'm thinking yes.
9/22/2008 5:53:33 AM CT

I have to think a trillion dollars of bad paper in US and world financial markets are a drop in the bucket. Congress should be wary about rushing in willy nilly to save Wall Street. Now is not the time to rollover and pass poor legislation which doesn't have adequate accountability, future regulatory control improvements, and other quid pro quo for the taxpayer.
Adam L
9/25/2008 1:35:43 PM CT

I'm not quite sure how my money as a taxpayer should be used to help these rich financial institutions who made some bad investments. Change in a natural system like an economy can be a good thing as it often requires innovation. Why don't these bailouts apply to private citizens? How does no oversight on this matter help? They are basically rewarding failure here which goes against the whole Rep doctrine so I suppose it's just rhetoric.

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