GOP Stealing Democrat's Blue Brand

I attended the Minnesota State Fair on the same day John McCain named Sarah Palin as his running mate. During my visit I made it a point to stop by each political party's kiosk and take pictures. I then took the resulting photos and masked any element associated with the given party. I replaced anything resembling the parties likeness with square brackets ([]), any candidate's name with "First" and "Lastname" and I have censored the presidential signs with purple polygons. I preserved the font and color schemes on each party's individual candidate signs. The resulting images are shown below. Can you decipher which generic campaign kiosk belongs to each party? Pay close attention to the layout and color scheme.

Unknown A: (click image to toggle actual photo)
View High-Resolution: [A : Actual]
Unknown A

Exhibit B: (click image to toggle actual photo)
View High-Resolution: [B : Actual]
Unknown B

Was it harder than you thought? It probably took a bit of reasoning (unless you were already familiar with the sign layouts) to arrive at the correct conclusion because both kiosks are predominately blue; the color associated with the Democrats. I find it very curious that the Republican's are using blue signs for both their Senate candidate (Norm Coleman) and a House candidate (Michele Bachmann). It appears that the GOP is running away from their poor image and actually trying to piggyback on the good image of Democrats (the blue color association) to get reelected.

If for whatever reason the image toggling javascript is not working, the first unknown is the Democratic-Farmer Labor Party of Minnesota and Unknown B is the Minnesota Republican Party's kiosk.

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9 Response(s) to GOP Stealing Democrat's Blue Brand

Lil Rascal
9/8/2008 4:42:20 PM CT

What a surprise! NOT!!! What else can you do when everything you stand for is bad for 99% of the country besides steal and lie about it?
9/9/2008 6:53:50 AM CT

The repubs' are trying to use not only the fear game out of fear and they have nothing to offer yet McCain want everyone to vote for Obama cool don't panic just vote /the democrats have the house and senate so all their bills will pass notthe republicans
9/9/2008 7:00:18 AM CT

If you did not notice most of all the new decisions coming from Bush tid to McCain are already proposal's that Obama has spoken out on in the primaries/so if you think he is not tellg you enough the republicans are so pttiful that they will take credit for his Ideas which he really has reserched look now McCain and partner pushing change joked about it at first even Bush said all candidate promise change just that Obama has said the change you can believe in nwo don't be confused this guy Obama ha sput the best machine together to beat the republican's so we must stay unified not jealousy-
9/9/2008 7:15:52 AM CT

Look this is seriuos Palin and gulliani or how ever they spell their names are not all that patriotic for down grading a community organizer which can lead to life in politics she say's her per-diem was for community events and rudy lost proably cause he was not connected to any I bet organizer's were around the trade-center's disasters these people were orange hat's report crimes clean neighrbor-hoods and rally to get voters to vote on issues churches even congress people help out but to be-little them it is a shame even those who they call jaycee's AND GIRL AND BOY SCOUT'S are oneswhat's wrong with those guy's oh elitist/rich community organizers are the neighbor's community now they say trouble maker's only on corrupt politicians or on people being left out and I thank those who get out their risk their lives fighting for justice of their neighborhoods so I geuss if my child feels the need to volunteer on a community project I should tell him you know you are growing to grow up wasting your time or go-ahead child who knows one day you might want to make a difference and run for president one day keep that hard work up/don't confuse them with republican protester/or forgot the one who bomb abortion clinic 's are communtiy organizer's that your type right or KKK keep it real fro theyre are a lot of gruops' affiliated with the republican party so we got your ignorance we wil keep our community organizers the real AMERICANS
9/9/2008 8:30:28 PM CT

No trust with in the Republicans. They seem very underminded & would do anything to win. I personally took the "Community Organizer" statement offensive. I will cast my vote for Obama/Biden proudly. I will not fall for the negative attacks. The Republicans lack substance and class and more importantly integrity. Obama/Biden 08'
Ken and Liz Collins
9/9/2008 10:21:41 PM CT

Please Sen. Obama , Please turn up the heat on Mccain = Bush , and someone needs to check into the voting Machines Nation Wide !!! PLEASE !!!
9/11/2008 12:05:18 PM CT

Repugs as so pathetic. They have no new ideas or policies on how to move the country forward so they're going to steal one vote at a time. They're disgusting. From moose hunting to lipsticks on pigs they've proven that they're the real animals. Please Obama/Biden and their supporters do NOT let them get away with their nonsense again. Fight hard. Blog, make calls, talk to friends and family -get the truth out there so these people can be laughed out of office for good. Do it for your children and your children's children.
Elwood Anderson
9/14/2008 2:04:25 PM CT

I didn't seem that hard to me. All you had to do was look at the number of people at each venue. The DFL venue was loaded with people. I could only see one person in the Republican venue.
Todd Smyth
9/22/2008 12:18:27 PM CT

The larger crowd in the first picture gave it away.

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