Can Sarah Palin Think?

Will the country blindly accept intelligence bestowed upon Palin by the media, especially after the current President's intelligence. My guess is yes; which is why I am straight up questioning Sarah Palin's competence. In her eight days on the national stage she has demonstrated no capability for logical thought. At her introduction last Friday (8/29) she regurgitated a speech written by somebody else. The following weekend in Pennsylvania she essentially repeated the same speech. Palin's third and most recent public appearance was her acceptance speech at the RNC in St. Paul. Here she gave yet another speech written by somebody else, but this time it was also written for somebody else. The McCain campaign has also been insistent on eliminating any of her interaction with the media. Palin has been the VP candidate for a week and has herself contributed nothing of substance to her national introduction.

But perhaps I'm being too critical and expecting too much out of Palin in such a short time. Let's say I do give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she isn't stupid. If I focus on her time before her nomination as VP I can come up with two glaring examples in which she lacked mental fortitude; the first revolves around her successful outing of an established figure in the Alaskan Republican party, and the second incident arises from the situation around her daughter's pregnancy, but has nothing to do with her daughter.

Her first display of incompetence occurred in between her unsuccessful run for Lieutenant Governorship of Alaska in 2002 and her successful run for Governor in 2006. During this time she suffered from what I'm going to refer to as the "Washington Complex," a condition in which you believe yourself to be the law. At some point Palin grew irritated with certain members of the Alaskan Republican party and vowed to stir the pot. She succeeded with the eventual indictment of Randy Ruedrich and Gregg Renkes. If you piss off the ruling party in Alaska some people are going to remember; your only option at this point is to be squeaky clean or risk revenge. At this point Palin should be commended, but the story isn't over. Palin would eventually dismiss Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan, citing performance-related issues, but it appears that Monegan was dismissed for refusing to fire Palin's ex-brother-in-law instead. This is the point where she developed the "Washington Complex." It turns out some people did remember her earlier activity; in response the Alaska Legislature commissioned an investigation into the conditions surrounding Monegan's dismissal. She thought she was above the law and caught, ignoring the cardinal rule of politics: someone is always watching.

When you base your candidacy on the family values, religious right, stereotypical small government and lower taxes Republican candidate it's definitely not good for your political resume when your seventeen year old daughter gets pregnant out of wedlock. But as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin could have very easily just declared the couple married; Boom, problem solved. It would have been the politically expedient thing to do, but it would also have been the best thing for her daughter and potential son-in-law. There is really no downside to this civil "wedding"; the marriage would have been easily deniable (the baby was premature) and could just be erased if needed. Palin's lapse in logic is comparable to George's WMD debacle (but on a much smaller scale); if you make up false war pretenses, it seems logical that you should also make up false WMD's, but George didn't and neither did Sarah. If Palin is going to play the "mother of five" card she probably should have put her child first; unless of course, she couldn't think of it?

In any case Palin has fifty-nine days to demonstrate competence and so far she's squandered eight.

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19 Response(s) to Can Sarah Palin Think?

silly girl
9/5/2008 6:10:17 PM CT

oh, if only logic and facts were a factor. you overestimate the intelligence of the average american voter. I freely admit, although the whole pr stunt sickens me, the palin woman is very physically attractive. that matters a LOT!!! its' unfortunate, but it's where we are in this orwellian world of marketing euphemisms
9/5/2008 8:34:50 PM CT

The question is can Sarah Palin think outside of her dogma? The answer is no. Like any fundamentalist she would rather die than give up her dogma - and woe unto those that disagree.
9/5/2008 8:40:25 PM CT

Ah - the neo-think of a Lefty mind!

Ever hear about a little-used Right-mind and Heart tactic called T-R-U-T-H?

Had Palin L-I-E-D about her dearly beloved daughter, how do you suppose Y_o_U would have taken THAT to task, and maligned her far more than you now can?

Your Double-tonged, cowardly diatribe is soo easy to debunk for a Leftist rant.

Sorry to inflame you, but . . .
9/5/2008 9:54:00 PM CT

Where's the suggestion to lie?

C'mon, Anonymous (if that is your real name), please tell us what any of this has to do with lying.
9/6/2008 3:39:53 AM CT

The facts of this campaign are that Obama and McCain are essentially endorsing the same positions on the majority of issues. Obama is taking the same positions he has for years, many of which the current administration has finally clued into. Things like requiring a definite timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, keeping open lines of communication with Iran, focusing more energy on the conflict in Afghanistan. McCain, of course, has staunchly opposed all of these ideas, but keeps changing his so called "platform" around to conform to them as it becomes obvious they were the right choices all along.

You can vote for Barack Obama, and have a president who will think hard and make the right decisions, or you can vote for John McCain, who will either do something completely useless, or slyly copy Obama's policies. McCain is fully aware of the fact that he cannot hope to win this election on the issues, or on his platform, or on his voting record. Palin is an attack dog chosen for one task and one task only, to slander Obama as harshly as possible in the hopes that some number of people listen. If John McCain were to do this directly, people would call him on it, but because of Palin's situation, any attempt to actually rationally respond to her arguments is met with cries of sexism, classism, etc.

John McCain chose Palin BECAUSE she is easy to attack. Her job is to entangle the democrats in a giant catfight to give off the impression that McCain himself is above all that fuss.
9/6/2008 9:54:08 AM CT

I'd like to see people stop calling what Palin gave a "speech". It wasn't a speech - it was a recital that was written by her handlers. Any person who feels comfortable in front of a large audience could have done the same thing. I think the only part that came from her own brain was the lipstick joke and she told that because people were holding up signs that blocked the teleprompter.
9/6/2008 12:55:08 PM CT

Stupid. It's interesting to ponder what "stupid" really is. Is "stupid" successfully appealing to the Republicans' self-image as down-homey people? Or is "stupid" the relentless pursuit we liberals seem to have of being elitist, haughty, and superior. Calling people stupid is only going to alienate us further from the voters we need on our side.
9/7/2008 6:20:18 AM CT

I agree with Forest Gump, "stupid is as stupid does."
Mr Apricot
9/7/2008 1:22:07 PM CT

Is this stupid or frightening?
9/8/2008 4:19:06 AM CT

Yes she can think!! I am very sick of those reaction always saying that she read a speech written by someone else, or as said by Obama press speacker that It was a speech written by Bush's speak writer. That is stupid!! and It shows that the democrates are scared with that pick.
Are Obama or Biden writing their own speech? Surely no, all those politician always need someone else to write their speech. So that stop to tag Palin as uncapable of writing a speech. Think of what she can do if McCain is elected. It is sure that Obama will be manipulated by those democrate officials who didn't wanted to see another Clinton in the white house. Because Obama nomination has been arranged by the so call "super delegates". They absolutely kill the primary race.
9/8/2008 4:37:02 AM CT

It was widely reported that the speech that Sarah read was written by George Bush's speech writer. They even called the guy's name. What reference do you have that Obama did not write his speech?
9/9/2008 5:10:54 AM CT

As a foreign observer of the US elections, I really do want McCain to win in November
This is not because he is better than Obama. He will only fasttrack the downfall of the US as
the most powerful country in the world. America's standing in the wold has diminished over the last 8
years and many people in Africa, Asia Australia and Europe can't wait for it to finally collapse
both economically and politically. History teaches us that empires reign but they also fall at some
point. A lot of people outside the US really like Obama and believe that he can lead America
back to the position it was during the Clinton years of prosperity and global respect.
However, we dont want him to win because the world is tired of America's dominance. Hence, John McCain
will better serve the purpose of finally putting to rest the American dream. ha!ha!ha!
Please vote for the dullard and unintelligent JOHN MCCAIN and SARAH PALIN who believes that
the world is just 5,000 years old! A people deserve the type of leader they get.
Harry Tichbaum
9/9/2008 5:19:03 PM CT

Here's an analogy to consider: Sarah Palin is attempting to become the next American Idol without singing "live" before the (potentially) critical judges,
especially the Simon Cowells in the media. Instead, McCain's handlers think that the American people should be allowed to judge her "singing" merits based on lipsynching to songs prerecorded by Bush's speech writers. Hey, Sarah--step up to a live microphone and sing a capella for us. The American people deserve and demand to hear what YOU can really do without studio trickery. Can you carry a tune? Can you hit the high notes that all world-class leaders must hit? Can you sing in various styles or are you a one-note singer? Did John McCain choose you to sing a duet with him because of your voice or because you look good standing next to him on stage? Lastly, do you really believe that you're ready to walk onto the world stage and deal with the likes of Putin? Prove it. And to all of you who are planning to vote for her before you've even heard her sing LIVE, please listen to every note of her prerecorded stump speeches and ask yourself if her stands on the real ISSUES are truly in harmony with your own sense of what is best for America right now. Forget about hockey and moose hunting and babies--think about health care, social security, national security, the economy, and the future of our great nation. Demand that Sarah Palin sing LIVE or the US may be singing a very sad tune in the near future.
9/10/2008 2:52:56 AM CT

Remember, you are buying the car, not the salesman. McCain/Palin are trying to unload a junker on us. It might look ok but under the hood, it's got nothing. Vote on policy, vote on ideas. Vote your interest, not your fear.
9/13/2008 1:17:12 AM CT

Can we comment on whether Obama can think? I honestly think she's a much better thinker than he is. Come on, give us a chance?
9/13/2008 2:53:11 PM CT

Cable news support McCain and vow to minimize Palin's "dont't know bush doctrin" placing 24/7 coverage on the hurrican since Palin's interview, yet cable stations break to say Palin comments on Hillary. THANK GOD FOR NEW MEDIA
9/14/2008 8:36:47 AM CT

"Ah - the neo-think of a Lefty mind! Ever hear about a little-used Right-mind and Heart tactic called T-R-U-T-H? Had Palin L-I-E-D about her dearly beloved daughter, how do you suppose Y_o_U would have taken THAT to task, and maligned her far more than you now can? Your Double-tonged, cowardly diatribe is soo easy to debunk for a Leftist rant. Sorry to inflame you, but . . ."

LOL! Of course we know what Truth is. It's the exact opposite of what the Right does. The wheels of the Total Lie Express are starting to come off. Now that the McDrill campaign is officially on record as stating that they DON'T CARE that the media has caught them in their blatant string of lies, we know precisely what that campaign is up to. So, what was that about 'truth' again? We're listening.
9/14/2008 11:26:57 PM CT

PALIN BUSH With lipstick.
9/15/2008 4:05:00 PM CT

"There is really no downside to this civil "wedding"; the marriage would have been easily deniable (the baby was premature) and could just be erased if needed. "

Wow, even if you are pro-choice 'erased' is pretty cold, isn't it? Do you really
think this way? Please think again.

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