CNN Botches GOP Convention Site

I was reading the CNN Political Ticker for some info about the Arkansas Democratic Party Chair who was killed today by a gunmen, when I stumbled upon another story. Entitled 'Another Republican senator skipping convention' the article discussed how some Republican Congressmen are staying home due to the GOP's poor image in hopes of bolstering their reelection image. Now here's the catch, CNN cites the Republican Convention as occurring in Minneapolis, rather than St. Paul. If you are reporting the location of the GOP Convention how does the thought of Minneapolis even cross your mind; [a] you are either completely incompetent (like Michelle Bachmann), or [b] well there is no logical b. In either case somebody at CNN should have caught this because it is terrible reporting. St. Paul was not chosen yesterday, it was chosen months, perhaps years ago and has been common knowledge for just as long; anybody covering politics should, without hesitation, know the site of the GOP Convention. Now for the proof, observe the area boxed in red.

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4 Response(s) to CNN Botches GOP Convention Site

8/13/2008 5:07:26 PM CT

8/13/2008 5:08:55 PM CT

Oh, be serious. Minneapolis and St. Paul are effectively the same city for anyone not from the area. Does any care if a given event is in Buda rather than Pest? No, they just report Budapest. No one care where in Minneapolis-St. Paul the convention is, and it's commonly abbreviated Minneapolis. If you want to get technical, there's nearly 200 cities in that conurbation. We're not going to pick out any particular one for notice.
8/14/2008 11:45:09 PM CT

It's all about St. Paul, my friend.
Saint Paulite
8/18/2008 2:17:23 PM CT

It's Saint Paul, not Minneapolis. That's like telling someone from Brooklyn that their from Manhattan. Don't go there.

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