Review of Challenged Ballots, Day 2

Day 2 of the challenged ballot review process was restarted this morning at 9 AM CT, by the five member Minnesota Canvassing Board. The proceedings can be watched at the Minnesota House of Representatives Website (as shown below) or at

[The second session has ended, but a replay is available: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]

A full recap of yesterday's event is available, along with a full video replay of the proceedings.

The board reviewed just 160 votes yesterday placing them well short of the trend required to complete all challenges by the pseudo-deadline of Friday the 19th. Mark Ritchie, the Minnesota Secretary of State requested that each campaign re-review their challenges based on the first phase of rulings. The Coleman campaign did just that, issuing this statement last night:

Today, the Board decided that a series of ballots to which we had withdrawn our challenges should be counted in a certain way. In order to achieve consistency in votes counted for voter intent, we are reinstating a portion of our initially withdrawn challenged ballots to protect our rights and the concept of voter intent.

Source: Norm Coleman for Senate

There has been no further word from the Franken campaign regarding any challenge withdrawal or additions.

Current Challenge Resolution Count:

9:41 AM CT: Coleman +116, Franken +26, Other +48 (After 190 Challenges)

9:49 AM CT: Coleman +122, Franken +26, Other +52 (After 200 Challenges)

2:43 PM CT: Coleman +208, Franken +52, Other +102 (After 362 Challenges)

3:06 PM CT: Coleman +216, Franken +57, Other +106 (After 379 Challenges)

3:16 PM CT: Coleman +220, Franken +60, Other +106 (After 386 Challenges)

3:28 PM CT: Coleman +227, Franken +61, Other +110 (After 398 Challenges)

3:39 PM CT: Coleman +237, Franken +63, Other +112 (After 412 Challenges)

3:49 PM CT: Coleman +239, Franken +63, Other +113 (After 415 Challenges)

3:50 PM CT: Break time for the panel, Coleman challenges to start at 4PM CT.

4:06 PM CT: Discussion on duplicate ballots.

4:11 PM CT: Challenge reviews are done for the day.

4:50 PM CT: Meeting adjourned to reconvene tomorrow at 9 AM CT.

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