Dynamic Minnesota Recount Maps

The Minnesota Senate Recount is in full swing, and with new numbers posted daily, it can, at times seem overwhelming. But fear not, I've created a snazzy new image that dynamically updates each night (at 8 PM CT) upon the release of new data by the Secretary of State. The maps may initially seem cryptic, but its all explained below. I've also posted html and BBcode for each image so you can help spread the word, and keep others in the know.

The data from the SOS is provided at the precinct level, but our maps are only presentable at the county level. To compensate, our algorithm loops through the entire result adding each precinct's data to the associated county; the result of this computation provides a county level extrapolation that allows for a graphical visualization of the most current recount result.

Minnesota Recount Results by County Map

Minnesota Senate Recount by County (490 x 610 Pixels):

HTML Code:

<a href="http://voteforamerica.net"><img src="http://www.voteforamerica.net/image.aspx?Type=Minnesota_9" alt="VoteForAmerica.net Minnesota Recount Results by County Map" border="0" /></a>

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I'll now attempt to explain the peculiarities of each map and the associated colorization process.

Franken vs Coleman (0%, 1, 3)

The upper left most map of Minnesota depicts the percent margin of victory in each county using the unofficial results of the Minnesota Senate election. All totals pertaining to unlisted candidates are included in our analysis. The color purple represents counties decided by less than 3% of the final margin, decrementing by 1 percent for each change in color. The darkest purple represents a voting margin of 1% or less, the middle purple between 1% and 2% and the lightest purple between 2-3%. The blue and red then represent counties that were decisively won by either Al Franken or Norm Coleman, respectively. The red and blue counties follow a 3% scale. The lightest blue (or red) represents a 3-6% margin, followed by 6-9% as the color grows darker, then finally a 9%+ margin of victory for the darkest blue (or red).

% Ballots Counted (0%, 16.6, 16.6)

The upper right most map illustrates the ratio between the number of recounted votes and the certified vote totals for each county. The counties in gray have yet to begin the recount process. If the percent of recounted votes over certified votes is less than 50%, the county is colored purple; if this ratio is greater than 50% the county is colored with respect to winning candidate, either blue or red. The color gradations take place in 16.6% divisions. The tint, for each color represents the highest range. For purple this range is 33.3-50% segment while the darkest blue (or red) represents the 83.3%-100% division. The color grows lighter as the percentage decreases.

Ballots Challenged (0%, 1, 7)

The bottom left map attempts to illustrate the discrepancy between challenged votes, in each county, by each candidate. The purple counties are divided into single challenge divisions while the partisan colors are separated by seven. The partisan coloring begins after a four challenge offset with blue representing a Franken challenge and red a Coleman challenge. Gray depicts counties with no challenge discrepancy; this may or may not include counties that have yet to begin recounting.

Recounted Vote Gain (0%, 1, 5)

The last image provides the net vote gain, per county based on the difference between the current recount result and the initially certified count. If less than 3 votes have been gained by either candidate in a given county that county will be colored purple in single vote divisions. If a candidate has a net gain of more than 3 votes in any county it will be colored accordingly; blue for Franken, and red for Coleman. The partisan coloring is done in 5 vote increments. Gray again represents counties that have yet to begin their recount process.

Minnesota Election Results by County Map

Preliminary Minnesota Election Results by County (490 x 610 Pixels):

HTML Code:

<a href="http://voteforamerica.net"><img src="http://www.voteforamerica.net/image.aspx?Type=Minnesota_4" alt="VoteForAmerica.net Minnesota Recount Results by County Map" border="0" /></a>

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The previous map follows about the same pattern as the first, but a full description is available in a previous article.

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