Poll Update (11/3): Evening Edition

Busy day and there are still things to do. Here's the second batch of today's polls:

Alaska SenateHays Research (D)11/2/200849429
Alaska (3)Hays Research (D)11/2/200845487
Colorado (9)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports11/2/200851472
Florida (27)Public Policy Polling (D)11/2/200850482
Florida (27)Datamar Inc11/2/200847485
Florida (27)Quinnipiac University11/2/200847458
Florida (27)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports11/2/200849501
Florida (27)Strategic Vision (R)11/2/200849474
Georgia SenateSurveyUSA11/2/200844488
Georgia (15)SurveyUSA11/2/200845523
Georgia (15)Public Policy Polling (D)11/2/200848502
Georgia SenateStrategic Vision (R)11/2/200844488
Georgia SenateInsiderAdvantage11/2/200843489
Georgia (15)InsiderAdvantage11/2/200847485
Georgia (15)Strategic Vision (R)11/2/200846504
Georgia SenatePublic Policy Polling (D)11/2/200846486
Georgia SenatePOS (R)10/30/2008394813
Georgia SenateNBC News, Mason Dixon10/23/2008394516
Indiana (11)Public Policy Polling (D)11/2/200849483
Missouri (11)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports11/2/200849492
Missouri (11)Public Policy Polling (D)11/2/200849492
Missouri (11)SurveyUSA11/2/200848484
Montana SenatePublic Policy Polling (D)11/2/200871263
Montana (3)Public Policy Polling (D)11/2/200848475
National (538)Marist College11/2/200853443
National (538)FOX News, Opinion Dynamics11/2/200850437
National (538)CBS News11/2/200851427
National (538)Democracy Corps (D)11/2/200851445
National (538)Ipsos11/1/200853461
Nevada (5)Public Policy Polling (D)11/2/200851472
New Jersey (15)Rasmussen Reports11/2/200857421
North Carolina (15)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports11/2/200849501
North Carolina (15)SurveyUSA11/2/200848493
North Carolina SenateSurveyUSA11/2/200850437
North Carolina SenateMason-Dixon10/30/200845469
Ohio (20)Quinnipiac University11/2/200850437
Ohio (20)Ohio Newspaper Poll11/2/200852462
Ohio (20)Strategic Vision (R)11/2/200846486
Ohio (20)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports11/2/200849492
Ohio (20)SurveyUSA11/2/200848466
Pennsylvania (21)Strategic Vision (R)11/2/200851445
Pennsylvania (21)Quinnipiac University11/2/200852426
Virginia (13)FOX News, Rasmussen Reports11/2/200851472
Washington (11)Strategic Vision (R)11/2/200855405
Washington (11)SurveyUSA11/2/200856404
Wisconsin (10)Strategic Vision (R)11/2/200853407

I've updated our Georgia graph to include the Liberatarian candidate Allen Buckley. The Senate election in Georgia will very likely end in a runoff, but I suppose anything is possible. In 2004, 3,301,875 votes were cast in Georgia and this year early voting has already accounted for 60.4% of the that total. This contest is far from decided:

Georgia Senate Projection Graph

I hope to accomplish three things tonight/morning; the first, another poll update after the late polls surface. I also want to create a Senate Projection map and possibily a probability graph, but we'll see on the latter. Finally I'd like to find a live election data feed to allow for a comparision between our projections and the actual results as they trickle in.

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