Poll Update (11/2)

Quick update for now, the Minnesota Senate debates starts in an hour and a half and I've got things to do before then. Here are the polls so far today. I'm still convinced a few will trickle in later:

Colorado (9)Mason-Dixon, Denver Post10/29/200849447
Colorado (9)NBC News, Mason Dixon10/29/200849447
Florida (27)NBC News, Mason Dixon10/29/200847458
Illinois (21)Rasmussen Reports11/1/2008503812
Iowa (7)Des Moines Register, Selzer10/31/200854379
Kentucky (8)SurveyUSA11/1/200840564
Kentucky SenateSurveyUSA11/1/200845532
Maine (4)Rasmussen Reports11/1/200856431
Maine SenateRasmussen Reports11/1/200841572
Michigan (17)Detroit Free Press10/31/2008533710
Minnesota SenateStar Tribune10/31/2008423820
Minnesota (10)Star Tribune10/31/200853425
Missouri (11)NBC News, Mason Dixon10/29/200846477
National (538)Pew Research Center11/1/200849429
National (538)CNN, Opinion Research Corp.11/1/200853461
Nevada (5)Mason-Dixon, Review-Journal10/29/2008474310
New Hampshire (4)WMUR, UNH Tracking10/31/200852417
New Mexico (5)SurveyUSA10/31/200852453
New Mexico SenateAlbuquerque Journal10/30/200853398
New Mexico (5)Albuquerque Journal10/30/200851436
North Carolina (15)NBC News, Mason Dixon10/29/200846495
Ohio (20)Columbus Dispatch10/31/200852462
Ohio (20)NBC News, Mason Dixon10/29/200845478
Pennsylvania (21)Public Policy Polling (D)11/2/200853452
Pennsylvania (21)SurveyUSA10/31/200851445
Pennsylvania (21)NBC News, Mason Dixon10/29/2008474310
Virginia SenatePublic Policy Polling (D)11/2/200862362
Virginia (13)Public Policy Polling (D)11/2/200852462
Virginia SenateSurveyUSA11/1/200859356
Virginia (13)SurveyUSA11/1/200850464
Virginia (13)Mason-Dixon, Times-Dispatch10/30/200847449
Virginia (13)NBC News, Mason Dixon10/29/200847449

Here's just a quick thought; judging from our Senate Projections its pretty much a given that the Democrats will end up with at least 58 members in their caucus. But acquiring the final two needed to push them to 60 seems to be a stepper climb. The two best opportunities seem to be Georgia and Minnesota. I discussed the Minnesota race earlier but the Georgia race is also deserving of attention; or is it? I said it yesterday, but I'll say it again: If the Democrats are serious about reaching 60, which I assume they are, it would be a wise move to pseudo concede Georgia, and then later fight in the runoff.

Be sure to comeback later and checkout out our recap of the final Minnesota Senate debate.

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