Poll Update (10/31)

Today's polls:

Alaska SenateResearch 2000, DailyKos (D)10/30/200858366
Alaska (3)Research 2000, DailyKos (D)10/30/200839583
Arizona (10)American Research Group10/30/200846504
Arizona (10)Research 2000, DailyKos (D)10/30/200847485
Colorado SenatePublic Policy Polling (D)10/30/200856413
Colorado (9)Public Policy Polling (D)10/30/200854442
Colorado (9)American Research Group10/30/200852453
Colorado SenateTime, CNN10/28/200853434
Georgia SenateRasmussen Reports10/30/200843489
Georgia (15)Rasmussen Reports10/30/200847521
Georgia (15)Research 2000, DailyKos (D)10/30/200844479
Georgia SenateResearch 2000, DailyKos (D)10/30/200846477
Georgia SenateTime, CNN10/28/200844533
Indiana (11)SurveyUSA10/30/200847476
Kentucky SenateCourier-Journal Bluegrass Poll10/29/200842499
Michigan SenatePublic Policy Polling (D)10/30/200858366
Michigan (17)Public Policy Polling (D)10/30/200855423
Michigan SenateStrategic Vision (R)10/29/2008563311
Michigan (17)Strategic Vision (R)10/29/200854415
Michigan (17)EPIC-MRA10/28/2008503812
Minnesota (10)Public Policy Polling (D)10/30/200857412
Minnesota SenatePublic Policy Polling (D)10/30/2008454015
Minnesota SenateMPR, Humphrey Institute (U of MN)10/28/2008413722
Missouri (11)American Research Group10/30/200848484
Missouri (11)InsiderAdvantage, Politico10/29/200847503
Montana (3)American Research Group10/30/200846495
Montana (3)Research 2000, DailyKos (D)10/30/200844488
National (538)Marist College10/29/200850437
New Hampshire (4)Research 2000, Concord Monitor10/30/200851445
New Hampshire SenateRasmussen Reports10/30/200852444
New Hampshire (4)SurveyUSA10/30/200853425
New Hampshire SenateSurveyUSA10/30/200853407
New Hampshire (4)American Research Group10/30/200856413
New Hampshire SenateAmerican Research Group10/30/200853416
New Hampshire (4)Rasmussen Reports10/30/200851445
New Hampshire SenateResearch 2000, Concord Monitor10/30/200852426
New Hampshire (4)Strategic Vision (R)10/29/200850419
New Hampshire SenateStrategic Vision (R)10/29/2008484111
New Jersey (15)SurveyUSA10/30/200852426
New Jersey (15)Fairleigh Dickinson University10/29/2008533512
New Mexico SenatePublic Policy Polling (D)10/30/200858393
New Mexico (5)Public Policy Polling (D)10/30/200858411
North Carolina (15)InsiderAdvantage, Politico10/29/200848484
North Carolina SenateTime, CNN10/28/200853443
North Dakota (3)Research 2000, DailyKos (D)10/29/200846477
Oregon SenatePublic Policy Polling (D)10/30/200851436
Oregon (7)Public Policy Polling (D)10/30/200857421
Oregon SenateRasmussen Reports10/30/200849465
Pennsylvania (21)Strategic Vision (R)10/29/200849447
West Virginia (5)Public Policy Polling (D)10/30/200842553
West Virginia SenatePublic Policy Polling (D)10/30/200858402

Minnesota and Georgia remain the most closely contested Senates races. The Democrats appear to have North Carolina and Oregon under wraps, but that only leaves them at 58; two shy of the magical 60 needed to override a filibuster. Below is the Minnesota Senate graph:

Minnesota Senate Projection Graph

As you can see Barkley remains a distant third, but don't count him out. The final debate for this race is November 2nd and could very well decide the outcome. I'll be doing a live analysis of this debate on Sunday.

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