Poll Update (10/28)

In our national non-tracking polling projection, Barack Obama has surpassed the 50% threshold for the first time:

Georgia Projection Graph

Anyways, there was a plethora of state polling today:

Arkansas (6)Rasmussen Reports10/27/200844542
Colorado (9)InsiderAdvantage, Politico10/26/200852453
Florida (27)LA Times, Bloomberg10/27/200850437
Georgia (15)InsiderAdvantage10/27/200847485
Georgia SenateInsiderAdvantage10/27/2008444610
Indiana (11)Research 2000, IndyStar10/25/200848475
Indiana (11)Howey Politics10/24/200845478
Louisiana SenateSoutheastern Louisiana University10/23/2008533413
Louisiana (9)Southeastern Louisiana University10/23/200838.350.611
Maine (4)Market Decisions10/27/200852.433.315
Maine SenateMarket Decisions10/27/200836.6549
Mississippi (6)Rasmussen Reports10/27/200845532
Mississippi-B SenateRasmussen Reports10/27/200843543
Montana (3)NBC News, Mason Dixon10/25/200844488
National (538)Ipsos10/27/200850455
National (538)American Research Group10/27/200850455
National (538)Pew Research Center10/26/200853389
Nevada (5)Rasmussen Reports10/27/200850464
Nevada (5)Suffolk University10/26/2008504010
New Hampshire (4)WMUR, UNH Tracking10/26/200855396
New Hampshire (4)NBC News, Mason Dixon10/25/2008503911
New Jersey (15)Strategic Vision (R)10/26/200853389
New Jersey SenateStrategic Vision (R)10/26/2008494110
North Carolina (15)NBC News, Mason Dixon10/25/200847476
Ohio (20)SurveyUSA10/27/200849456
Ohio (20)LA Times, Bloomberg10/27/2008494011
Pennsylvania (21)Rasmussen Reports10/27/200853461
Pennsylvania (21)InsiderAdvantage10/26/200851427
Virginia (13)Roanoke College10/26/2008483913
Virginia SenateRoanoke College10/26/2008572221
Wisconsin (10)Strategic Vision (R)10/26/200850419

The most notable result today probably comes from Mississippi-B's Senate race. The new Rasmussen poll shows a once competitive race, essentially beyond reach for Musgrove (D), the Democratic challenger who trails the incumbent by 11%. Granted this is a single result, but its not something you hope for if you're in the Musgrove campaign. But there still may be hope for his candidacy. Yesterday saw the expansion of our Senate Coattails Calculation and from that result reads: "Our little conclusion may give hope yet to Musgrove (D), the Democratic challenger in Mississippi-B. Musgrove's coefficient is below both 1 and his competitors coefficient, but recent polling has shown Wicker (R) with a significantly large lead." Musgrove has nothing going for him right now with the exception of this historically accurate trend.

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